Thursday, February 1, 2007

February 1, 2007

Now this was a Florida day! It actually reached 80 with a good amount of sun. We took advantage of the weather and headed to Cocoa Beach. It was about an hour away. This one was new for all of us. Unfortunately, the beach wasn’t accessible. There was a boardwalk that allowed us to look over the beach and out into the Atlantic Ocean. It was windy but it didn’t appear to be surfing waves.

Kevin and I did walk down to the water. It seems that he could spend the whole vacation sitting on the beach sifting sand through his hands and feet.

We went shopping at the famous Ron Jon surf shop and had a nice dinner at a steak house – Kevin and Aaron thought we had landed in heaven with the ground steak over garlic mashed potatoes.

It has been raining this evening. This is supposed to be the start of several days of rain. The weather heading north is supposed to be challenging as well. The southeast has been struggling with ice, sleet and snow! Could make our trip back north interesting. We’re probably going to take an extra day to get back. It sounds like we are going to be heading into some mighty cold air as we get closer to home. We may start on Friday.

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