Monday, June 18, 2007

New Direction

I thought I would add to this blog but change the focus a bit. Some people who know our family are aware that Kevin - mentioned below - has been having some health difficulties. We have been searching for answers for several months. We have had little success figuring out what has been causing his lack of energy, change in personality, loss of balance and several other conditions.

Well, after a recent seizure, Kevin had a CT scan of his brain. It was then that a pituitary adenoma was found. This has led to several more tests and a couple of MRI's. Kevin and I recently travelled to the Brain & Spine Institute in Eau Claire, WI. According to the endoconologist, this was the best place to have this addressed.

Just for a little background, these tumors that are located on the pituitary gland are not uncommon. Apparently, many people have them and never know it. They are often discovered by accident - indeed, that is how Kevin's was found. This tumor presses on the pituitary gland and often causes changes in the production of essetnial hormones in our bodies. If the tumor is large enough it can also press on the nerves that run to the eyes and cause vision problems.

Well, this would explain a number of things that Kevin is struggling with. When we visited with the neurosurgeon who will be removing the tumor, he thought this would help Kevin in a number of ways. It is necessary to remove the tumor if only to prevent further vision loss.

However, the neurosurgeon also felt that there is more going on. He wanted Kevin to have an MRI of his cervical spine. He is concerned that there is more going on there. That has been completed and sent to the institute for review.

Kevin's surgery to remove the tumor is scheduled for July 3rd. It should only take a couple of days for him to recover and return home. We'll also meet there again to review the findings of the spine MRI.

Hopefully, this will bring some answers and help improve Kevin's health and life!

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