Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 30 - Tuesday

Today was Animal Kingdom. Another cool day with a high of about 58 and mostly cloudy. That made it an okay day for hiking around the park. The guys certainly seemed to enjoy the day. We started early and got on the safari ride without any wait. Aaron was pretty excited and pretty apprehensive at the same time. He enjoyed the motion but startled when it rocked from side to side. He used a lot of energy. He really enjoyed the African drummers.

Kevin was in a great mood again. He did a lot of walking today and stuck right with us. He loved the food and enjoyed the ride. We got some good pictures. (Unfortunately, I still haven’t figured out how to download them to the computer.)

Even though the parks are wheelchair accessible, the vast majority of the rides are too much for Aaron. He would need to get out of the chair and sit without assistance in the seat. We end up limiting ourselves to those which allow him to remain in his chair. He certainly seems to enjoy what we have found.

I was worried we ended a bit too early today. We left the park mid-afternoon. However, once we got into the van both of the guys fell asleep for the short ride back to hotel.

The weather is supposed to begin to warm up tomorrow. We will head to either MGM or Magic Kingdom. Hhhmmmmm????

I’ve started to notice that I’m missing reciprocal conversation. Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoy spending time with these guys. However, they are not the best conversationalists. I find myself listening to other conversations that are going on around us. This kind of experience gives you a sense of being left out of what is happening around you. You begin to understand what it means to be present without being included.

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Monica said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun.
Sandy's parties at the house are getting a little out of hand we just thought you should know.
In case you miss Wisconsin...
Current Conditions
07:25 PM CST
Partly cloudy
Temperature 22°F (up +3 degrees from yesterday!)
Overnight Forecast (1:00am-6:00am)
Temperatures 7 to 8°F
Yeah, don't expect any sympathy about the weather on our end.
If you want to know what to bring back for the guys I think Aaron & Kevin said something about an "Aligator" or "Giraffe" we weren't sure. What's one more thing in the van?