Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 31, 2007

A beautiful day for visiting the parks today – sunny and about 68 for a high. We decided – okay, I decided, the guys didn’t express a clear opinion – to go to MGM Studios for the day. It was a good choice. We watched an Indiana Jones stunt show, a 3-D movie, some old movies and the parade. We ran into the Power Rangers and shared a huge pretzel. Aaron really enjoyed the music and Kevin tried valiantly to get us on the Tower of Terror!

This evening we went to an outlet mall and got depressed about all the things that we are supposed to have, don’t really want and can’t afford – so we didn’t get anything.

Our morning began early when Kevin started laughing at shortly after 5:00 am. No one knows why – except maybe Kevin – but I don’t think so. He continued to laugh without stopping for the next couple of hours. He took a break for about 45 minutes and then started again. I guess he’s been saving up!

And here are some of the long awaited pictures. I’ll try to add some back to the earlier blogs that they go along with.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the warmest day of our visit. It could even reach 80, but it will be cloudy. Rain by tomorrow evening and through the weekend. They have also been talking about ice and snow on the way north. But we have decided not to listen to them. Okay, I decided again.


Donna said...

Boy! You must be really bored that you went to an outlet mall. I would never be able to drag Jason to anything that remotely resembled a mall while on vacation. (Then again he is to afraid not to go unless I'm without plastic.)

Donna said...

I've noticed in the pics that you've taken no one is wearing shorts. What is up with that? Are there no snow birds at this time of the year? It may only be a high of 68 in Florida but compared to what WI is experiencing, that is a heat wave. I think you guys should go to the beach, sit back and catch a few rays!! (hey don't laugh, I bet there are people there right now putting on there lotions. Providing that you are reading this in the morning and not anymore tonight.)
Thursday will be are warmest day. A whopping 24 degrees for a high. I don't know what I should do first..wax my van or go to the park. No seriously, Thursday will be the warmest but don't be to disappointed it will only be -3 for a high on Sunday.
We wouldn't want you to miss out.